NOA Upload Tool

Welcome to the NOA Upload Tool.
This tool will show you random images from Open Access articles. You can choose which of these images are suitable for reuse and upload them to Wikimedia Commons with a single click. Upload any images that you think should be in Wikimedia Commons. You can use a filter if you only want to see images from your preferred discipline.
Attention: The images will be uploaded using your account. All images come from freely licensed articles. However, some authors use images to which they don't own the rights. If an image caption indicates an external source, you should not upload it.

To use the NOA Upload Tool you first need to authorize it to upload to Wikimedia Commons in your name.
What will be uploaded in my name?
The tool will upload the image, the caption and article metadata and tag the image with the categories you choose. It will also create a category for the journal the article is from and put the image in that category.

Click here to authorize.
If you don't want to use your Wikimedia Commons account, you can still use the tool without uploading the images to let us know which images might be interesting.
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